Sisu Vadika

It is the garden of small kids.It helps to develop bharatheeya culture in small kids especially 3-5 ages through homely atmosphere.It aims at the overall development of kids.
Provides informal education.
Activity oriented classes
Learning through playing and experience.
Emphasizes on Indian culture.
Continuous and comprehensive evaluation.
Bvn trained teacher.
Play park slides swimming pool.
Opening day celebration
Welcome all children to school by doing 'Arathy' and giving sweets.
Birthday celebration
Draw 'Kolam' on floor and doing 'Arathy' to get long and healthy life to the child.
For the virtue of school and surrounding , we conduct Agnihothram on all Tuesdays , Wednesdays and Fridays.
We give the mixture of honey and 'vayamb' (suvarnaprasam) to all children in each month at day of Pooyam star to got the intelligence , memory power and energetic life.
To bother the parents , we provide 5 sopanam class in different occasions with the help of experts.
We organize 'mathrusamithi' including 20 active mothers , who actively participate and co-ordinate all the activities and celebrations in school.
We coduct the sisumela in school and sankul level to develop students artistic talents.
Study tour
Every year we arrange stude tour to Zoo art centres temples gardens etc.
Sisu camp
We conduct a sisu camp for the purpose of providing a homly atmosphere filled with love ,effectionculture etc.in school Ramayana month We deliver stories of Ramayana ,recite ramayanam and we also conduct quiz competition distribute prizes to the winners.
We celeberate baladinam based on srikrishna jayanthi.On this day children present srikrishna nrutham ,kathakathanam,uriyadi,sobhayatra.
We invite a guru to our school and have pasapooja to make them understand the importance of guru.
Vasantha panchami
Vasantha pamchami is the birthday of goodness saraswathy .on this day our school conduct granda pooja and saraswathy pooja.